Oh, hell no. This aggression shall not stand.

So, this happened when social media blogger, author and screenwriter Kelly Oxford took to Twitter to sneer while watching “Cosmos.”


Huh. It’s weird how those silly science-hating rubes are somehow forcing her to remain here. What power they have! Hey, Ms. Oxford, if you are worried about science-denying, have a chat with Nancy Pelosi’s anti-science daughter.

Oxford continued to look down her snooty nose. She, and her children, are far too smart for such things, you see.



Because she’s now onto you big dum-dums, you know.

Enter fellow Canadian, actor and filmmaker Seth Rogen. His scornful tweet was retweeted by the oh-so-tolerant actress Elizabeth Perkins, natch.


Double sigh. Well, they sure did pick up on American Democrat talking points and spin rather quickly, didn’t they?

This Twitter user sums it up for the condescending pair.

Ding, ding, ding!

And here is an exit generalization, since the snide Rogen and Oxford seem to like those so much.


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