Ding, ding, ding! And that will happen as people suddenly discover that Obamacare is not, in fact, free. The enrollment numbers are abysmal and they won’t improve. Here’s why:

Truth. Boom.

And looky here!

Full tweet via Twitlonger:

I just spoke to someone who was pissed off because they thought you got #obamacare for free. When I informed them that they had to pay for #HealthCare their reaction was then what was the point of creating obamacare! LMAO, #obama voters are so misinformed,wait until they see the penalty for smoking!

Here is another pitiful example of that:

Margaret Davis voted for President Obama and totally loved the idea of Obamacare. The idea of it. You see, once it actually went into practice instead of just being a theory, reality hit. Her premium has gone up 88%. For an inferior plan.

That does not suit! She wanted to marry Obamacare until she realized she would have to pay for it.

More via RedState:

What a mess we are as a people, that this woman Margaret Davis recognizes that she got exactly what she wanted in terms of policy but can’t believe that she has to pay for part of it. It is absolutely not possible that any reasonably aware citizen who paid attention to this debate (which Davis professes to be) can miss the fact that Republicans warned that all of these exact things would happen. I almost can’t fathom the audacity of starting a harassment campaign against the very people she urged to pass the law to save her from the consequences of having passed it. It is especially galling considering that a month ago she was probably calling these same Democrats urging them to stand strong against any revisions to Obamacare as part of a shutdown compromise. Even now she cannot fathom that her goals and votes/methods are hopelessly at odds.

Beautiful. But there’s more.

Wait, what?

Huh. Once again, Tea Party rubes were smarter than smarty pants libs.

Evidently, as the pitiful enrollment numbers show, they are. Finally. So there’s that.


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