Twitchy readers know that American is not alone. The cancellation notice avalanche is continuing; Rep. Price put that devastating effect of Obamacare into perspective recently. “Sticker shock” keeps growing as premiums double and triple, often for plans with less coverage. Twitter users are reporting that they not only can’t keep their plans; They can’t keep insurance at all now.

But, hey. Forward!

Are you listening, GOP? Are you listening, President Obama?

Please meet some Americans who want to know the answer to a simple question: They like their plans. Why can’t they keep them, as promised?

Nothing. You did nothing wrong.

Why? Because, liar.

The president lied and insurance plans died. Now Americans are faced with this:

This is Obama’s America. Citizens terrified to go to the mailbox, faced with the very real possibility that they will lose insurance for their families. Punished for providing for their families in the way in which they believe is best. They like their plans. They want to keep them.

Obama cares?



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