Wait, what? No, it’s not a normal President Stompy Foot snit face nor an arrogant pose for once.

Serious You Guys!

Take a gander at how serious: Now with creepy avatar and everything!


Well, the OFA-run (wink wink, nudge nudge) @BarackObama Twitter account did. What’s with the violence-inciting?

Citizens can’t help noticing certain things about the oh-so-creepy avatar and sentiment.

Yes. Paging Harry Reid!

The OFA account is using it as well. And is encouraging people to demand that Speaker Boehner end it. End what? Congress?

Twitter users give them all the business as only they can. Take it away, happy warriors!

Giggling madly.

Shoot. That’s not funny, because it’s true! But, wait. There is hope yet:

Amen, brother.