Amen, Mr. Woods.

That was in response to an absurd statement by Nancy Pelosi.


As Twitchy reported, actor James Woods has had it and proclaimed that he, along with fellow conservative actor Ken Wahl, would not remain silent any longer. He is keeping his word and continues to speak out via Twitter. The actor recently noted that Twitter is destroying the “media chokehold perpetrated by liberal press.

Woods called out the shameless “running dogs” in the media recently, but he also thinks they may be ready to turn on Obama over Benghazi. For Pulitzers, natch.  The actor also declared that he isn’t ready to move on from the “phony scandal” of Benghazi. It looks like he still thankfully has no plans to do so.



Is the tide turning?

But, wait … there is some hope yet.

Bam. He wasn’t done drubbing Obama and his “cronies” either:

Keep speaking out, Mr. Woods. Real truth to power, baby!


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