Sigh. Seeking truth and justice is a “witch hunt,” according to noted expert Cher.

Cher once again took to Twitter to offer up her oh-so-insightful political commentary. By insightful, we of course mean incomprehensible and delusional. Cher tossed out that gem in response to this:

Bingo. Perhaps Cher should talk to Pat Smith, mom of the late Sean Smith, who was killed in Benghazi. As Twitchy reported, Pat Smith recently wished Hillary Clinton a happy Mother’s Day by saying, “She has her child and I don’t have mine. Because of her.

But, you know, truth doesn’t matter to Cher. Reality, it’s so hard.

Ah, she has Rep. Chaffetz (R-Utah) in her unintelligible sights now. Maybe he’ll soon warrant being called a “creature from the nether regions,” like Sen. Cruz.

Twitter users graciously help Cher with some reality lessons.

Oh, Cher. Bless your frothing, all caps heart.