Boom, indeed.

That was beautiful. But it didn’t end there. Who is up for an epic Ace of Spades media-blasting? We are!

As Twitchy reported yesterday, the fierce fighter for truth Sharyl Attkisson broke some news that destroyed Obama administration claims about Benghazi.  Of course, the shameful attempted smearing of the whistleblowers began almost immediately.

Ms. Attkisson continues to do the job that few others in the media will do. Twitter users expressed their gratitude and offered support for the fabulous Ms. Attkisson.

Other journalists? Not so much. The lapdogs are far too busy, what with all that burying of Obama’s bones.

Take it away, Ace (and some fellow Twitter users)!

Hmm. Curious!

Yep. What about that?

There is no way to pretend the President did not promise the American people, in the most public way possible, that he and his administration would not play politics with Benghazi. If it turns out they have and that his own staff was part of it, he should be held responsible.

Well, the media will pretend. Pretend like the wind!

That is perfect. The Very Special Media, which is full of Special Snowflakes.

Yes, they totally believe they are Smarter Than You, bitterly clinging rubes.


He continued his epic drubbing of the media today.

Also, racist!

Lapdogs need their kibble, dude.

This Twitter user responds to Ace and puts it in a nutshell.

The Fourth Estate is dead. But, hey, maybe they’ll get some more glazed donuts out of the deal.


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