Self-involved much? Journalists pitched snit fits when Sarah Palin called out the “DC assclowns” over the “pathetic” White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Some media outlets totally proved Palin’s point.

Legal Insurrection noted Politico’s homepage yesterday. And, boy, was it pathetic:

It’s not right versus left, or old media versus new media. It’s the inside the D.C. Beltway crowd, who live there either physically or mentally, or want to.

There were tweets with photos of themselves from a few people I was going to embed, but what’s the point? It’s not an individual problem, it’s systemic.

I will, however, post this screen shot of Politico’s homepage, devoted almost in its entirety to stories about the event (h/t David). Can they possibly be more wrapped up in themselves?

Bingo. Read the rest here.

How on earth can one parody a self-parody? For that alone, Politico must pay.


The Washington Post got into the self-beclowning act.

Sigh. But Politico was perhaps the worst and Twitter users noticed.

Seriously. Here is just a small taste of Politico’s breathless and narcissistic tweets:

And there was more … a lot more. It did not end when the Nerd Prom ended, either. Politico continued throughout the next day.


Insightful and oh-so-pressing.

We have to be subjected to a post-event brunch now, too? Can’t y’all just quietly take the walk of shame home?

“Real journalists,” people. It’s a wonder they can still type what with all the arm-tiring smug self-patting on the back.