Preach it, Gutfeld!

As Twitchy reported, “poet” Amanda Palmer wrote a poem urging empathy for Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. No, for reals.

Unbelievable. Yet, sadly, totally believable.

Twitter took Ms. Palmer and her depravity to task, and rightly so. Greg Gutfeld destroyed her, as only he can, and he needed only a few tweets to do so.

Ms. Palmer has been shrouding herself in a veil of victim-hood, natch.

Of course. The victims of the Boston bombing? Whatever! Ms. Palmer is the real victim here. For being so “enlightened” and such. Plus, ka-ching!

Ask, and ye shall receive. Other happy warriors pick up where Greg Gutfeld left off.

Enter hashtag #apoemfordzhokhar: And away we go!

Keep them coming, Twitter. In case you need even more of a reason to push back hard, just dwell on this for a bit.

Oh, the humanity. And some exit questions for Ms. Palmer:

Huh. The Daily Caller’s “Jim Treacher” has another one:

I wonder if Palmer would’ve written a poem for this kid-killer if he’d been a boring ol’ Christian teabagger? Would that be alluringly exotic enough for her?


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