Err. The White House? Does he think Senator Reid is actually president?

Oh dear. Why the gushing over Senator Harry Reid? Because, boxing.

Sen. Reid squeed in mutual admiration. Pleased to meet the “Champ.” And, you know, convicted rapist.

Tyson continues gushing.

He then includes Sen. McCain in his praise. Is a chat-date up for them next? Probably not: Tyson is here legally.

The push to posthumously pardon Jack Johnson has been going on for some time.

It is evidently one of the most pressing issues of our time, requiring years of dedication by Sen. McCain.


As for Sen. Reid, this Twitter user has a question for you:

And in a nutshell:


Tyson has deleted the tweet at the top of this post and posted this in its place:

“An amazing journey from Washington to the White House.”

And there you have it … Words of wisdom from a boxer who evidently received too many punches to the head.