Bless his heart. What about women, Jim? Are we “shooting blank” eggs? Do we have fancy womb envy? Wait, we forgot: Women don’t count to libs. Silly Julias! Get back in the kitchen and make Jim a sammich!

His full tweet:

March 27, 2013 Owning a handgun or a shotgun is 1 thing bt if u need more fire power than that, it means you’re shootin’ blanks in the bedroom. ;^•

Aww. Someone is suffering from “compensation” projection. And, you know, lack of originality. He’s parroting his own foul ‘Cold Dead Hand’ song, which included oh-so-edgy lyrics about “compensation.” He also doubles-down on the repugnant accusation that if you are a gun owner, you don’t care about children.

Not only sickening, but tiresome.  He continues with the penis tweets.

His full tweet:

March 27, 2013 This licence plate is from the death car of Bonnie and Clyde. Barrow was known to be impotent. He compensated with violence.

And he brings home the trifecta of “simpering tool,” as Greg Gutfeld would say, with a predictable bit of Smarter Than You jackassery.

Full tweet:

March 27, 2013 Gun control is not a class war being waged by the so called liberal elite and even if it ws the best weapon isn’t an AR-15. It’s a book! ;^}

Suck it up, ladies! Protect yourselves with a book! Books: The new “rape whistle.”

Twitter users call out the gun-grabbing, and penis-obsessed, nut.

They also call him out for his sexism.


He doesn’t care. In fact, he does want women impotent in one way: By being unable to defend themselves.

And speaking of impotent … how is the cowardice going, Carrey? Still cravenly running away from the challenge issued by the cast of “The Five”?

We are waiting. Of course, the wait will be long. Poor Jim isn’t man enough to fight like a girl.


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