Truth. As we reported, actor Jim Carrey continues to expose himself as an hypocritical gun control nut. Oh, and a jackass. He took to Twitter yesterday to use tragedies to promote himself by hawking the release of his song, “Cold Dead Hand.” He did so by calling gun owners “heartless motherf*ckers.” Ah, the tolerance! Twitter quickly reacted, and a hilarious video exposing Carrey’s hypocrisy was created: Must watch.

Fierce fighter Dana Loesch destroyed Carrey with a simple question: Will he denounce his violence-glorifying movie “Kick Ass 2”?

The craven Carrey bravely ran away while tossing straw men.

Confusion? Her question was quite simple, Mr. Carrey. She even kindly offered some teachable moments for you. Is reading as hard for you as reality appears to be?

Loesch and other happy warriors, including the always awesome actor Nick Searcy, destroyed Carrey with reason.

Another question he won’t be answering.


Protection for me, but not for thee.

And then the hashtag #AnswerTheQuestionJim was born.

A pattern of gross exploitation for his own gain.

Suck it up, ladies!

We’ve had enough of the hypocrisy and the intolerance coming from the Hollyweird Left.

Indeed. And, Jim?

Answer the question. We aren’t going anywhere.

Update: He’s still avoiding, but is continuing to toss around straw men.


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