Ah, it’s time once again for β€œEarth Hour,” a day (actually just one hour) where slacktivists swoon over themselves and pat themselves on their smug backs for continuing the global warming myth. How? By claiming to unplug and turn things off at 8:30 p.m. today in their local time zones. For a whole hour! Squee! Funnily enough, they seem to tweet madly about it.



Bingo. Evidently, social media isn’t covered under β€œunplugging.”

Oh Yoko. On the plus side, the annual event inspires awesome mockery. Sun Media columnist Ezra Levant starts it off in style.

Firefox falls for the slacktivist scam.


The hilarity continues:



And on a serious note:

Truth. But, truth his hard for slacktivists. It’s much easier to use your iPhones and iPads to let everyone know how awesome Β you are.