Boom! Like actor Kevin Sorbo, Rob Lowe is an independent voice in Hollywood. And his voice, in the form of tweets, often hits it out of the park. He recently weighed in on Dennis Rodman’s sickening bromance with oppressive dictator Kim Jong Un.

And he did it again last night; You know he hit the mark when the Left is in a tizzy. For example:

Waah. How dare he not despicably celebrate the life of a tyrant, like the repugnant Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello and Democrat Rep. Serrano did?

The sane loved Lowe’s tweet.

One Twitter user loved it so much, he was willing to forgive Mr. Lowe for something.


Well, you never have to apologize for your tweets, Rob Lowe. In fact, keep them coming!


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