Truth shmuth! What’s really important is lambasting meany pants Republicans for, you know, asking pertinent questions. As Twitchy reported, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was on Capitol Hill today to testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Benghazi. Democrats swiftly tried to create a diversion. But Republican senators would have none of that, and continued to ask probing questions that resulted in highly disturbing answers. Where were President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton? Voting present.

To the absurdity known as Senator McCaskill, that was no big whoop. In fact, the real problem was that those questions were asked. So mean and “withering!”

Oh, well. As long as Panetta will be just fine.

Yep, get your hurl buckets. She then blathered on in a manner that had many scratching their heads.

Heh. Not so funny? This.