Boy, Eric Boehlert, you sure are tiresome. Fox News analyst (and Democrat) Kirsten Powers blasted Obama and his Fox-bashing today, while also likening the Steve Kroft lovefest interview to “state-run media.” Truth to power (or Powers), baby!

The real kind of truth to power … paging pitiful Van Jones! Perpetual whiner Eric Boehlert of Media Matters threw a little fit of snit, aimed at Powers and Fox News.

Bingo! Kirsten Powers needs no defending, however. She handles that admirably herself.


Other Twitter libs whined: How dare Ms. Powers speak truth? Women aren’t allowed to leave the Democrat plantation, for cripes sake!

And, of course, “coded racism” enters the hateful mix.

Of course they don’t. Truth is far too hard.

Stay classy, Left. Maybe one day you’ll stop being so afraid of women who can think for themselves, too. Alas, we won’t hold our breath.


Rut-roh … Eric’s grumpy!



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