Isn’t he just precious? Eight people told him! Why, that’s almost as many people as attend Sandra Fluke rallies. Case. Closed.

Twitter users gasp for breath. Everyone has the right to be stupid, but Piers Morgan really abuses the privilege.

Yes, look at the shelves, Piers. And what about that increase in NRA membership that you helped spark, Musket? Bless your heart.

Boom! Of course, lapdogs in the media ignored that.

The “Straw Men Eight!” Oh, that’s perfect.

Go out and mingle with the “unwashed masses“? That’s far too icky!

Yes. Google search has already established that one.

And a hashtag enters the hilarious mix.

Keep it coming, Twitter! If you can somehow manage to carry on after learning about all eight people who allegedly support Musket Morgan. Of course, they may have only encouraged him in order to point and snicker at him. That seems most likely.