Have you no shame, sir? Flanked by children, and their letters, as props, President Obama unveiled his gun-grabbing plans today. During the display, he said that the first task of society is to keep children safe. Big Daddy Government!

He also said this:

Again. Yesterday, conservatives shredded that shameful hypocrisy. President Obama continued to invoke the right to life. Today, the ever-repugnant Piers Morgan swoons over the president’s remarks.

Oh, really? These Twitter users are wondering about that; What about abortion? Do you, Piers, and President Obama now recognize the fundamental right to life?



That’s right. Even if a baby survived an abortion attempt, he thought that concern for the doctor performing the abortion trumped that child’s right to life, if the baby insisted upon ‘not just coming out limp and dead.

The sad truth. But, that’s just a normal day, right, Mr. President?

This is how we will be judged, indeed.


Practice what you preach, Mr. President.

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