Oh, our aching sides! Words are so hard for Vice President Biden and his office. Just last week, Biden said that his gun task force meetings are totally not photo ops. At a  gun task force meeting. A photo from which the White House then tweeted out.

Today, there was another “words are so hard” example.

Weird! Because here is … a photo.

It depends on what the definition of photo is! CBS’ Mark Knoller, who is a Twitter master and an all-around good guy, tries to explain it away a little.

Sorry, Mark, but we must disagree. A photo op does not specifically mean for the press. Other people do exist. We are givers, so here is a definition for the Vice President’s office:

 a situation or event that lends itself to and is often arranged expressly for the taking of pictures that give favorable publicity to the individuals photographed

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Why do you think the photo was sent out?

By the way, what happened to that whole “bipartisan spirit”?

And, get ready for the next photo. Op, or otherwise.

Featuring Obama’s own mug, natch.