As Twitchy reported, hot dog vendor Clint Tarver’s business was destroyed by union goons, hurling vicious racial epithets, in Michigan. “There will be blood,” you see. Most of the media swept the union-perpetrated violence under the rug. Predictable.

But Twitter users are wondering, “where are the alleged civil rights leaders?” Or the president?

President Obama? Ha! No “beer summit” expected.

Calls for Jackson and Sharpton to denounce the racist violence and support Mr. Tarver go unanswered, natch.


And where are they?

His shows, of course. Jackson, meanwhile, is busy canoodling and posting star-squee photos.

Union thugs destroying a black man’s business doesn’t suit their false narratives and political agenda. It’s totally okay to be racist thugs, if you have that sweet, sweet union money.

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