Aww, little lapdog, Time and MSNBC’s Mark Halperin, is again stomping his paws. This time, over President Obama’s trip to Thailand.

You see, President Obama answered the latest 3 a.m. phone calls with one night in Bangkok. “Hard-hitting” questions and breathless cries of “historic” ensued.

Aww, he’s being upstaged by pesky Israel trying to, you know, defend itself, says Politico.

More from Politico:

Whether wise or unwise, the president’s groundbreaking visit to Burma — the centerpiece of his brief journey to Asia — is also being upstaged by the violence thousands of miles away in the Middle East.

The trip to Thailand, Burma and Cambodia had the potential to be a post-election, international victory lap for Obama, but will now take a more subdued tone as television and newspapers reporting on his visit do so alongside images of hospitals receiving casualties and families taking cover as rockets shower Israel and bombs rain down on Gaza.

Unreal. But, hey, President Obama made time to spare a moment for Israel.

But back to more important things! Like swooning and questions about Obama’s dinner plans!

Citizens, on the other hand, aren’t fetching their drool buckets.

They also call out Halperin for not only his swooning, but his nasty and completely biased “right-wing Freak Show” remark.

Indeed. Hey, Mark, how about doing your job instead of letting your petty and bitter bias show?