Oh, dear! This morning when making the spin rounds, Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs doubled-down on Joe Biden’s “the middle class has been buried for the past four years” remark.


No, really. He did! Let’s go to the video tape.

Huh. So, now even the Obama campaign is admitting that Obama’s policies have buried the middle class. Why, then, would anyone vote to keep digging? Thanks for the refreshing honesty, Gibbs!

Is Gibbs angling for his own version of the “Honest Joe” T-shirt?

Wait, we think he just took himself out of the T-shirt running.

Oh, the hilarity! Joe “gaffetastic” Biden is anxious and ready for the debate. Anxious, maybe. Ready? Never. But we sure are! And we are anxious for all the giggle-snorting during the debate. Our sides are aching in advance!