The Washington Post employs Glenn Kessler to be its “fact checker.” Yet, it seems he doesn’t need to check any pesky facts that are bad for President Obama. The other day, “The Fact Checker” printed a timeline of all the Obama administration lies regarding the terrorist attack in Benghazi that led to the death of four Americans. Lies that went on for days. And days.

Some were flabbergasted that The Washington Post even printed the timeline, because it clearly shows the depth of the pathological lies uttered by this administration.

However, as “just a blogger” Ace of Spades shows, Mr. Kessler does not deserve a “bravo.” See, Mr. Kessler wouldn’t even check the facts he was forced to lay out.

We will leave it to readers to reach their own conclusions on whether this is merely the result of the fog of war and diplomacy — or a deliberate effort to steer the storyline away from more politically damaging questions. After all, in a competitive election, two weeks is a lifetime.

Um, what? Everything they said was a total lie, but whatever! Facts shmacts. Don’t read too much into them. Because, “fog” and all.

From Ace of Spades:

So when you wonder why these “Fact Checkers” rate Democratic claims as absolutely true twice as often as Republican ones, and Republican claims absolutely false twice as often as Democratic ones, keep this in mind: When Glenn Kessler has a series of Administration statements which were quite clearly false, by their own admission, he does not render a Fact Check at all, but invites the reader to conduct his own, but always keeping “fog of war” in mind.

Or as Fact Check might call it, if it bothered with a fact check: Entirely false, but see, it’s not their fault!

Which is the overall message they’re selling: Not our fault.


Another Twitter user  wonders when Politifact will issue its truth-o-meter rating. Or do they only save that for Romney statements? Or for lying about the Janesville plant?

Why? Because, flacks. The Obama cheerleading squad in the media cannot tell the truth. Because the truth hurts their idol. Evidently, being on the Obama squad means drinking the Cult-Ade until you are so drunk that you lose all sense of decency and honesty.

And Ace of Spades brings it all home with the truth about “real journalists,” also known as palace guards.

Yep. But they can no longer conceal it. They can no longer hide their bias at all; their desperate quest to provide cover for The One has exposed it for all to see. They’ve devolved into self-parodies, which would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous. They are complicit in Obama’s lies and in his dangerous incompetence by enabling him.

Your move, lapdogs. Will you continue to try to cover for Obama’s dangerous incompetence and shameful lies? Will you shamefully continue to be perpetrators of #BenghaziGate yourselves?

Stay tuned.