Refreshing! A member of the media who refuses to be bullied by union thugs. ABC’s Terry Moran rightly asked if the striking Chicago teachers know how much damage they are doing, not only to their profession, but to the children. This bit of hard truth did not sit well with the Left, natch.

Some “real journalists” are none too pleased. How dare Terry Moran not join the media cheerleading squad? Max Blumenthal has his briefs in a twist.

As does Mr. Mike “chair is racist” Elk.

And fellow travelers join in the attacks.

Slavery! How low do you have to be to make such an offensive and disgusting comparison?

Civility! Mr. Moran graciously responds.

Indeed. But common decency doesn’t compute with the Left.

Kudos, Mr. Moran. Here is some more truth for the delusional Left.