As Twitchy reported, some of the lapdog talking heads were at throwing briefs on stage level in their junior high school gushing over Bill Clinton’s address to the DNC last night. Rick Klein wasn’t the only one. Suzanne Malveaux breathlessly tweeted lines from Clinton’s speech and then gushed about a bromantic “passing of the torch.” You know, more than a decade later.

The usual lapdog suspects were over the top as well. Chris Matthews was all tingling, natch. Only, even more creepily than usual.

Geez. TMI, Chris.

Tour de force!

Even CBS’s White House correspondent, Mark Knoller, noticed. And rightly called it out as over the top, while addressing the key point of Clinton’s address.


These Twitter users agree and also call out the media for their drooling sycophancy.


Ugh. Members of the media need drool buckets and we need hurl buckets.