The Democratic Convention kicked off and made two things perfectly clear. First, the party of death thinks that abortion is totally awesome and cause for applause and celebration.


MSNBC host Touré, who just yesterday encouraged “girls” to get their abortions now,  fits right in. Abortion cheerleading is nothing new for the morally bankrupt Left. The pro-abortion Left has taken to Twitter to brag about abortions, for cripes sake. But this time, the entire country was able to see it. And they are disgusted. It is not about being “safe, legal and rare.” They don’t care if it’s safe, and they don’t just want it legal; they want it to be the default “choice” in many instances. And they want it as often as possible; those pesky babies are expensive and all.

The second prevailing theme of the night? In government they trust. As Twitchy reported, they even omitted God from the party platform.

The blank can be filled in with government or even just The One. The leftist agenda is their deity. And they are fanatical extremists.

The Smarter Than You media doesn’t get it.

Well, perhaps they should take a look at these Twitter users and citizens. It might help explain reality. And it might explain having faith in something other than government.

Nope. To him, and his fellow travelers, we are a nation of Julias, who should always be reduced to the sum of their girly bits. Brains, shmains! In government they trust, and so should all you silly dears who can’t make a single decision on your own. Unless it’s the decision to abort your child. Then, you can be trusted, if you do the “right” thing. As Margaret Sanger smiles.

American citizens will not be controlled and enslaved by the government. Free people have faith in the power of individuality and free men and women. But, hey, keep telling them that they can’t do anything on their own and that anything they have or do is because of the almighty government.

Good luck with that in November, champ. The people are listening and watching.

And they don’t like what they are hearing or seeing.