Grassroots Maryland Senate candidate Dan Bongino is having a money bomb today. His campaign is running a fundraising effort called $51 for 51st.

The party that controls 51 seats or more in the U.S. Senate will determine which legislation is considered and approved. That is why it’s so important that we elect new representatives, because while hard working people continue to hurt and struggle this U.S. Senate has been one of the least active in our history due to its current leadership.

Today, please join Dan by taking part in his special one day online fundraising effort called $51 for the 51st. Dan can become that influential 51st vote thanks to your support.

Donations of $25 or more will receive a complementary hat, but $51 or more will receive a hat and a new campaign shirt that can be worn to upcoming events and activities!

What a great start!

Citizens on Twitter are helping to spread the word.

Can Twitter help get him to his goal? Come on, Twitter! Make it happen.

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