The article, co-written by Brian Ross, is titled “Romney Party Yacht Flies Cayman Islands Flag.

Here is a screenshot:

Ooh, the nefarious Cayman Islands. And Richy Rich people and such! Cue the horror music.

One problem. In Brian Ross’s inexplicable quest to always be wrong and jump to insane conclusions, he may have forgotten one important thing when doing “exclusives” for the “investigative unit”: Investigating. Or even, you know, Googling. Also, an “exclusive” should include something about which people care. Oh noes! A flag on a boat! The horror.

The Democrats run with it … and perhaps run straight into egg on their faces.

So does lying liar Stephanie Cutter.

And David Axelrod.

Know what also speaks for itself, Axelrod? Your absurdity.

“Real journalists” are desperately running scared, so in their quest to protect The One, are they even more incompetent than usual? Remember just last week, The Washington Post proclaimed a photograph of an Obama error a “photoshop.” Only, it wasn’t.

But, wait. A second Cayman Islands flag enters the nefarious mix.

Is it Bermuda’s flag or the Cayman Islands’ flag? Who will get to the bottom of this most pressing issue of our time?

Keep digging, lapdogs. Bless your hearts.


Case closed? There is one thing that is quite clear. This is, once again, a case of manufactured outrage based on meaningless “optics,” the standards of which are set by Democrats and their lapdogs in the media.

Guess what? The mom who is trying to feed her child and put enough gas in her car to get to work does not care one whit about what flag is flying on someone’s boat. She also doesn’t care that someone has a fancy boat. Not everyone in the entire world is resentful of the success of others.

That’s your guy, media.

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