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That’s right: The lapdogs at CNN ran an article titled, “GOP sticks to planned Obama bashing despite convention delay.”

Here is a full screenshot of the “article’s” headline:

And more from CNN:

Tampa, Florida (CNN) — Monday was supposed to be Obama-bashing day to launch the Republican National Convention, and GOP organizers showed they were not going to let something like bad weather totally derail their agenda…

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus gaveled the convention to order at 2 p.m. ET to cheers from several hundred delegates who showed up to witness the brief session that then went into recess until Tuesday.

He pointed out a digital clock in the convention hall tabulating the amount of additional national debt accrued during the proceedings, telling the delegates and journalists, “We also wanted to draw your attention to the unprecedented fiscal recklessness of the Obama administration.”

Mean, old Rethuglicans! “Bashing” with things like pesky facts and figures. How dare they? Here is a pro-tip for the “real journalists” at CNN: Telling the truth is not “bashing.” To be fair, that is hard to understand when you are busy begging for scraps while the president takes hard-hitting questions from the likes of Glamour magazine instead.

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