As Twitchy reported yesterday, Obama for America coordinator Samuel Cook III bravely ran away from his disgusting anti-Mormon bigotry by attempting to delete his tweet. Of course, Twitchy is forever! He also changed his Twitter bio to read “Republicans for Obama.” As Twitchy also reported, that was yet another lie also misleading. You see, Mr. Cook is was the co-chair of “Young Democrats of New Orleans” as recently as last week.

Truth is hard, for Mr. Cook. So, what is a coward to do once the disinfectant known as sunlight exposes him for all the world to see? Well, shamelessly and shamefully attack in a fit of panic, natch!

That was a win right there. But, Mr. Cook, bless his heart, had to come back for more. And, for good measure, he added a little sexism, in response to some racism by a supporter, to the bigoted mix!

Know your place, ladies! You can’t speak; that’s all shrill and stuff. Get back in the kitchen and make Mr. Cook a sammich.

Indeed. If she’s so irrelevant, why the obsessive whining, Mr. Cook?

Ooh, big man! Look, toots: It is Team Obama who doesn’t want to debate real issues. They can’t; Obama’s record is beyond abysmal, which is why they are running scared.

Cowardly. You mean like bravely running away from your own words by frantically trying to erase them as if they didn’t exist? Here’s the thing, champ: You are a coward; you can’t even keep your self-proclaimed bios straight, in a rush to cravenly escape the consequences of your own actions.

The gutter. Like, you know, repugnant anti-Mormon bigotry? You, sir, have that covered.

You are were co-chair of “Young Democrats of New Orleans” last week. Are you so delusional that even your own reality is too hard for you? He continues obsessing and trying to divert and distract by attacking others. He must have learned that at OFA training school. That’s all they have, you see.

Lowly is right. Oh, yeah, and you are supporting a loser. Of course, you probably can’t help it. You are likely drawn to lying liars like yourself.


Cook resigned from the Young Democrats due to personal grievances on Aug. 19. He claims he has switched his party affiliation to the GOP. More here.