Alas, Andrea Mitchell will never admit a mistake … or an outright lie. Remember her falsely edited Romney at Wawa video? She never took responsibility for that egregious show of a lack of integrity. She is now further exposing her blatant bias by parroting David Axelrod talking points about Paul Ryan. He hates women and stuff! Or something.

Wow. Spout the Democrat talking points and diminish women much, Andrea?

Citizens held her feet to the liar pants fire when she falsely edited the Wawa video. They are calling her on this latest absurdity as well.

Of course not. Democrats hold moms in disdain. Or should we say “just moms.” Further, they always reduce women solely to the sum of their girly bits. Care about fiscal issues or national defense? That’s absurd; that’s for boys! Care more about a future for your children than you do about getting “free” (on someone else’s dime) birth control? Shaddup, ladies, and yammer on about your uteruses. That’s Democrat-approved.

She doesn’t get it, bless her heart, and she never will.

Dude. Enough said. If that is what she believes, she is not just a sycophantic parrot. She is also delusional. Of course, this is just the start of the ludicrous statements and the shameless attempts to scare women from fleeing from the Democrat plantation.

Indeed. Ladies, gird your loins: It’s on. You must fight back against those who seek to speak for you, in order to keep you silent and controlled.

Update: Video here.

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