Actor Michael McKean (“Spinal Tap,” “Laverne & Shirley”) has graduated from oh-so-classy misogyny, calling Michelle Malkin “Dick of the week,” to anti-Mormon bigotry. First, he set it up by joining in with the super lame “OMG, Paul Ryan likes Ayn Rand” nonsense.

Then, he tweeted his real problem with the Romney/Ryan ticket: Mormonism.

Clearly, Mr. McKean is of the bigoted Cher school of (alleged) thought: ‘Richy Rich Romney whitest man in magic underwear.’ Naturally, this brought out the other anti-Mormon bigots on the Left.

LOLZ! Bigotry is so hilarious!

Hmm. Good question.

As always, scratch a (Hollywood) leftist, and find a bigot. Every time.