Senator Reid, Speaker Boehner and the White House have reportedly reached a funding extension compromise, in order to avoid a government shutdown.

Some details of the compromise, which apparently won’t limit spending, contrary to the wishes of the voters.

Some Twitter users are taking it in stride; the “compromise” isn’t really unexpected.

CNN’s Lisa Desjardins takes the opportunity to make an #NBCFail joke.

Political adviser and writer Amanda Carpenter doesn’t think it’s so hunky-dory.

Bingo. Watch and see what “slightly higher spending” becomes.

And, of course, Senator Reid (D-Nev.) couldn’t resist pulling the “fair share” nonsense. Twitter users were quick to call both him and Mr. Russert on it.

Luke Russert is now framing it as a “cage fight.”

Ha! And the GOP? Maybe if they learn how to fight like girls, and get themselves some brass ovaries.

Oh, and a reminder: