Ellen Barkin is beyond reprehensible. The aging and increasingly irrelevant actress wasn’t content with showing her hateful and bitter heart by calling people “right wing fuckin morons” and telling Jon Lovitz (while cursing at him) to shut up for speaking his mind. Now, she doubles down by mocking, and laughing over, Andrew Breitbart’s death.

She added the “explains the crazy” part to her quoted retweet of the contemptible tweet “snerting” over Andrew Breitbart’s death. Not only does she show that she is soulless, but she also exposes her complete idiocy.

Her disgusting fans continue to mock and she continues to join in, while calling others scary and “pro murder.”

Really, Ellen? Did you forget that the Left are the ones who are pro-abortion? We guess those babies don’t count, seeing as how some of them might end up being “right wing fuckin morons.” And how loving is mocking the death of a beloved son, husband and father of four? Sickening.

The oh-so-tolerant Ms. Barkin then continues to spew hate at the Right.

Of course. A typical Hollywood liberal who constantly screeches about diversity, yet cannot abide diversity of thought. How dare you peasants think for yourselves?

She has the audacity to talk about civilized, while cursing at everyone with whom she disagrees.

Oh, the lame Richy Rich card. Hey, Ellen, you can send an extra check to the IRS any time you want, you know. Kindly forward receipts proving that you do so, since you are so concerned about “the rich” not being taxed enough.

The evil hatred is coming from you, Ellen. Look in the mirror, if you can stand the sight.

Her lack of self-awareness is staggering. New tone? Nope. Just the same old hate-filled and violent tone from the Left. Now with more death-mocking.

Vile, evil or both? You decide.


Please. She retweeted snorting laughter (snerting) over his death and mocked him as crazy. A deceased father of four.

What’s actually terrifying is that she may believe her hate-filled delusions.

Update: Roseanne Barr joins in.

Update: Proving her idiocy once again.

Clearly, she cares more about The State than actual people. Otherwise, she would give money to private charity, so that it would actually do some good.