Predictably, some on the Left are grossly trying to score political points on the backs of the dead after the tragedy in Aurora, Colo. Daily Kos editor David Waldman goes one revolting step further and says it’s totally cool to do so.

Oh, it’s just a little bit messy! Dancing on graves can be that way. Beyond reprehensible. This isn’t just spiking the football; it’s spiking the football in a cemetery at the expense of lives lost. What’s a little moral bankruptcy when there is a tragedy to exploit, huh, lefties?

Fired John Edwards blogger Amanda Marcotte also jumps aboard the bilious train.


When you’ve lost Keith Olbermann …

Of course, Keith Olbermann is only upset that Mr. Waldman exposed the truth about the Left. This is what they do; never let a tragedy go to waste.

The mentally unstable and morally bankrupt chime in.

Many others like that disgraceful Twitter user have also tried to score points against Rush Limbaugh using the tragic loss of life. Contemptible.

All about them and their agenda, you see. Look, ghouls: People died. Loves ones were lost, forever. People are in pain, devastated with grief.

Those with souls, and functioning brains, respond.

They can’t. That’s what happens when one has no moral compass.

Update: Geraldo Rivera also ghoulishly defends politicizing tragedy on the backs of the dead while pushing for gun control.