The cuckoo pants is strong in this one. “Got her ass kicked” is cuckoo pants for “gave an ass kicking.

It’s funny that Keith Olbermann could “place her” a scant three months ago, when he sought to faux-apologize to her for calling her (someone he can’t place) a “mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it.” Why, pray tell, did he crawl out from under his gutter sludge covered rock today?

Ding ding ding! We have a winner. He must be trying to score sexist jackass points with his pitiful sycophant David Shuster, who took his sexist rants against Michelle Malkin to Twitter today.

Another one for whom word definitions are hard. And here comes the predictable dehumanizing attempts and bigotry from fan boys.

But, wait! Keith Olbermann is totally full of journalistic integrity and all. He would certainly never wish to be a big, old hypocrite by skewering others for being nasty jerks all while doing it himself, would he?

Oh, well. About the person. Of course, conservative women don’t count as people.

Flaying for me, but not for thee, says Keith. This paragon of virtue seeks to tell others how to behave. Naturally, flaying is totally fine if it is one of those icky conservative women like Michelle Malkin, S.E. Cupp or Sarah Palin.

No, do you know what is indefensible, sir?

You are.

Hey, how is your job hunt going? Snicker.