Oh, my. Reality is so, so hard.

Shouting down and trying to silence epitomizes the left. It’s what they do, always. In fact, they even resort to potentially life-threatening political terrorism in an attempt to silence those with whom they disagree.

Try to keep up, Axelrod. And clean your own house. Of course, he is only saying that now because The One was allegedly “heckled.” With a question. Now Obama surrogates will frantically decry any sort of perceived impropriety in order to lecture us all on “civility” once again. Time for a national conversation on the horrors of questioning!

Naturally, this patently false spin attempt failed with those living in the real world.


Bingo. But, hey, The One was “heckled.” That’s totally worse, right Axelrod? Axelrod probably agrees with Politco: SWAT-ting is just an “elaborate practical joke” and all.

Well, look here.

Gee, Axelrod, did you hit the tweet button an hour too early? It’s almost as if you knew Romney would be completely shouted down, huh? Weird!

Double. Fail.

Earlier today, there were other protesters who were easily handled; by Ann Romney.

But it’s not your tactic?