Syfy channel premiered “Jersey Shore Shark Attack,” a campy take-off of MTv’s “Jersey Shore,” last night and it became an instant cult classic. Also, fodder for much hilarious mocking. Twitter users had been filled with anticipation, waiting to put fingers to keyboard.

Oh, and snark they did!

Spoiler alert!


What? Say it ain’t so. Others disagree: calls it “chum for bad movie lovers.”

It was a given that Syfy’s Jersey Shore Shark Attack would be a bad movie, but the question is … is it a good bad movie? Surprisingly, yes, for the most part.

Thanks to a game cast, appropriately dumb dialogue, and some astoundingly bad special effects, it ends up trashy fun … until it eventually wears out its welcome.

Two fist pumps up!

So bad, it’s awesome. Regular gold or Gold’s Gym gold?

This Twitter user will let you finish, but …

Game. Over.