Wow. Looks like Romney and the RNC raised close to $80 million in May alone. Team Obama and the DNC? Not so much.

Rut roh! Looks like even the super swanky “man of the people,” celebrity dinners didn’t help Team Obama. And wait, there’s more.

Huh. So much for Romney’s “high dollar friends,” a false narrative that the Democrats try to push in an attempt to foment class warfare. Looks like the real man of the people is the one who is receiving donations from, you know, the people.

Good. Team Romney will need it to fight not only the Democrat smear machine, but also its water-carrying  friends in the media. Oliver Willis, “fellow” for Soros monkey group Media Matters, is already desperately trying to spin.

Sorry, Oliver. Your meme bubble has burst.

Game on, indeed.