Oh, Meghan McCain. Will her fifteen minutes of fame never end? Not as long as she keeps being a useful idiot for the Left, it won’t. Sadly.

Meghan McCain went on Al ‘blood on his hands’ Sharpton’s show recently and she predictably blasted the GOP and Michelle Malkin and called Andrew Breitbart a ‘hateful extremist.‘ She also did not see the irony in spewing that reprehensible falsehood while on Al Sharpton’s show. Because he’s totally not hateful or anything.

That’s pretty much all she ever does, when not whining about tatoos and how the GOP just can’t see how super cool she is. Or blathering on about how her best friend is totally gay, and she loves gay people and icky, old conservatives are drinking the “hater-ade.” Of course, her super awesome gay “best friend” is her hair stylist and she doesn’t ever talk to any actual conservatives, but still. H8Rs.

Now, she is complaining that her constant hurling of attacks and mean girl hissy fits have resulted…  in her being bullied. Sigh. Trying to nail herself to a cross once again.

And bingo. That’s why she’s doing it. Not only is she pathetically trying weasel out of responsibility for her own idiocy and asinine statements, she’s pitifully trying to make what happened to Nikki Haley and S.E. Cupp all about her. This is also standard operating procedure for Ms. McCain.

How can anyone even know if all the alleged hate tweets that she allegedly received actually exist? She blocks everyone from seeing her Twitter feed.

Misogyny and actual sexism are always wrong. Always. Even if the target is a jackass. But, she likely frantically searched through just normal criticism (although she counts that as sexist and disgusting as well, sigh) to find a couple of fringe tweets in a desperate attempt to give herself relevance. Also out of a creepy form of jealousy. See, Bristol Palin gets attacked for real. Constantly. And if you have ever had the misfortune of reading Meghan McCain’s “columns” or her “book,” you’d know she is almost as insanely envious of Bristol Palin as she is of Sarah Palin. Bristol Palin is Meghan’s Marcia Brady. Bristol, Bristol, Bristol!

She constantly cries sexism where none exists, which diminishes actual sexism. She’s the girl who cried wolf whistle. It’s not sexist to disagree with or criticize someone, Meghan. In fact, it would be sexist if people did not do so just because you have a fancy womb. She complains about being called fat in “hate tweets,” yet has no qualms about calling others that herself. She prattles on endlessly about being so hurt by meany pants people on the internet, yet she used her own site to bash and mock others. But whatever, H8Rs! You just must not be cool enough to get her nuance-y nuance like these people do.

Huh. Curious that.

Perhaps this is why?

From Mediaite:

But McCain then played up the controversy and her victimhood. She wrote a denunciation of Beck in her column in Daily Beast and appeared on Jay Leno’s late night program to discuss the event. “No man will ever make me a victim,” McCain told Leno. No need, she is doing it to herself.

McCain wonders why she draws the ire of conservatives, but continues to say things that she has to know will be deemed as ire-worthy by the right. McCain has attacked Malkin, saying she went on a “manic rampage” when Malkin mocked McCain for tweeting a picture of herself with liberal activist Sandra Fluke when they met at a White House Correspondents’’ Dinner. McCain went after Greta Van Susteren for inviting actress Lindsay Lohan to the WHCD. McCain has equated herself with Ronald Reagan for holding moderate views, and said “dirty moderates like me” have no home in the party.

But while McCain has started more than her share of fights with conservative pundits, she seems to spend the majority of her time attacking Republican office seekers and holders.

She called former Delaware Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell a “nut job” who is “out of her frickin’ mind” during her 2010 campaign.

She went after the Republican primary process in 2012, which she called “bad for politics and bad for the Republican party.” This was an odd observation, given that she is on record saying that Republican primary voters are far too provincial even to watch premium cable programming like HBO.

Aww. Poor little mean girl. Her diary is likely filled with scrawled screeds against Michelle Malkin, Christine O’Donnell and Ann Coulter; she probably never grew out of slam books. But dare criticize her or call her out on her own actions? You are a bully and she is totally a helpless and innocent victim.

She’s like the White House and their ‘truth team’ conflating criticism with smears and attacks. Disagreeing with someone is so mean!

Twitter comes to the rescue to set her straight.




From Legal Insurrection:

NOTE TO MEGHAN, no part of this post referred to your physical attributes.

ADDITIONAL NOTE TO MEGHAN, when the only person to take you seriously is Al Sharpton, you have a problem

Meghan McCain wants a “big tent” only for people who always agree with her. Disagree? You are a H8R and should get out. Meghan’s mind sees only caricatures of conservatives,  perpetuated by her buddies in the media. In her tunnel-visioned, egotistical and cocktail party-chasing mind conservatives must be either mindless, bland drones or wingnutty wingnuts with nutty hate-y wings. Otherwise, where’s the persecution? She’d have to face up to the truth: It’s not them. It’s her.

This latest column is just another tale told by a useful idiot, fully of valley girl sound and temper tantrum fury, signifying nothing.

Bully, heal thyself. And lose the delusional persecution complex.


Bada Zing!