War on women: S.C. AFL-CIO President violently smashing Nikki Haley effigy, no regrets; Update: I stand with Haley

The South Carolina AFL-CIO president is on video beating an effigy of Governor Nikki Haley with a bat. War on women, indeed, and it comes from the Left as always.

Here is the reprehensible video:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giX6URln8ms]

Hey, it’s not like the AFL-CIO president used a crosshair or anything, right? Just a baseball bat to beat in the face of a Governor Haley effigy. If using a crosshair is an incitement to violence, what is encouraging actual violence against Governor Haley?

No regrets. She had it coming.

All in fun? Violence against women is oh-so-hilarious. Also, nothing new for the Left. Lip service to Violence Against Women Act? Try cleaning your own violent house first, Left.

And listen to the end of the video (h/t @MelissaTweets.) “She’s a tough old broad” is heard and then  someone off camera says “tough old bitch.”

More than wildly inappropriate.

But that doesn’t matter to Leftist thugs and union goons. She was asking for it, you see. That “uppity” woman won’t keep her mouth shut and all. Scratch a Leftist and you will find not only a misogynist, but a racist.

The garbage they spew at Governor Haley is a prime example and has now moved from words to violent action. As a conservative woman, she has been subjected to revolting garbage over and over. And as a woman of color, it is even worse. Funny how it is only the Left who sees her as “a woman of color.” Conservatives see her as a strong leader who just happens to be a woman, a wife, a mother and a fantastic governor.

South Carolina’s Democrat chair Dick Harpootlian has likened her to “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” — silly woman! Get back in the kitchen. And recently, a South Carolina Democrat disgustingly called her a “Sikh Jesus.”

South Carolina Democrat Phil Bailey deleted those tweets, but the internet is forever.

Will Governor Haley get a presidential phone call from President Obama? A beating in effigy is worse than being called a bad name, isn’t it? Nah, of course she won’t. She’s not the “right kind” of woman. Plus, President Obama is aligned with and fully supports these union thugs and their sweet, sweet campaign money.

New tone? No, same old Leftist tone: misogyny, racism and violence.

Indeed. We won’t hold our breaths.

UPDATE: #IstandwithHaley begins. Stay strong, Governor. You have many supporting you and standing with you.


Yes. Governor Haley is being punished by union goons for the horrible crime of creating  jobs by moving businesses like Boeing into South Carolina. The monster!


  • Jeffrey Hendershot

    Lets see if anybody but FNC reports this….

    • Frustrated Teacher

      …….uh…..you aren’t holding your breath, are you?

  • Mad Voter in MN CD 2

    Another FUGLY liberal!

  • CasualMeyhem

    Always liked her. She’s a “Woman of Color?” Gosh learning that changes…..Nothing.
    Does that make this more Democrat Authorized Racisim?

  • Mac

    Wait a minute….wasn’t that from a scene from Deliverance?

  • Lark

    I’m liberal and I found this extremely distasteful and offensive. I’m disappointed at liberal blogs for not reporting and condemning this kind of behaviour. Disagreement over politics is no excuse for violence, even simulated violence, and this behaviour is exactly contrary to what we’re trying to accomplish with VAWA.

    Please accept my apologies for the rampant boorishness of certain liberals regarding this issue.

  • John_Frank

    Governor Palin: Good Union Brothers and Sisters: Stand Up and Denounce This Thuggery