Media Matters for America is once again hoping to use women to orchestrate a totally manufactured campaign. How is Michelle Malkin furthering the “war on women”, the sane might ask? By daring to note Meghan McCain’s absurd simpering over Leftist tool Sandra Fluke. You can’t say “boo” about a woman, you see. Such delicate creatures! Unless it’s the “wrong kind” of woman, natch.!/therealdburnett/status/197002846212866048!/CarmanK1/status/197003031961812992!/blundredxg3/status/197005128841175040

Typical hypocrisy and exposure of the Left’s innate sexism. Media Matters for America and its buddies invent sexism out of whole cloth to further an agenda, all while being grossly sexist themselves.!/sistertoldjah/status/197006249634697218

What is possibly more sexist than demanding that women all think alike? Thinking for oneself? That doesn’t suit; it’s Crimethink. Gender traitors!

If they were actually concerned with women and protecting their free speech, they would be aghast at the attempts to silence conservative women on venues like Twitter rather than encouraging it. And Media Matters might want to try cleaning their own discriminatory house. Why does Media Matters pay women less and why are the top-brass predominantly men? Why no “senior gals”, fellows?

But, hey, why tell the truth when lies enable you to partake freely of your own sexism and misogyny?

Don’t count on the attempts at silencing to work. Conservative women don’t bite their tongues. They bite back.

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