A tradition going back to the 15th century! That would be hard for Ezra Klein to understand, what with it being something older than 100 years and all. So confusing!

Maundy money is specially minted and is passed out on Maundy Thursday to those who have done good work for their community. They did lose one bit of tradition, though — no more foot washing required. Bet Her Majesty is heaving a big royal sigh of relief right about now.

Her Majesty will be passing out 86 coins to each recipient this year, in honor of her age and this year’s celebration has the added excitement of the Diamond Jubilee, marking Her Majesty’s 60 year reign.



An observer tweeted out a photo of this great sign awaiting the Queen’s visit:


And mutter something about those darn Yankees!

For some history, @TheBritishMonarchy tweeted out footage of Her Majesty’s first Maundy Thursday celebration in 1952