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Pride Goeth Before a Fall - Episcopalian Church LIGHTS UP for Pride Month and Just ... NO

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Is it really any wonder that the Episcopalian Church has been suffering declines in members and attendance? They've experienced so much decline that it actually has dropped below PRE-COVID records. And this crap right here is a perfect example of why.


We won't get into all the recent scandals here, but this writer will say that there is a cost to inclusivity. Particularly if it goes against God's word. Take it from the Big Man Himself, this writer will try to avoid getting too preachy.

He's pretty clear on this. Just sayin'.

X users are also having NONE OF IT.

Look, we Christians love everyone because that's what Jesus did and we are instructed to love others like He loves us, but loving the sinner is very, VERY different than loving and celebrating the sin itself. This isn't controversial.


Stop expecting any kind of consistency from people whose entire worldview is rooted in their emotions.


It's one thing to appeal to 'sinners' because churches are supposed to essentially be hospitals for sinners, but it's another thing entirely to normalize the sin itself.

Ironically, they would consider that to be 'disrespectful'. It shouldn't be funny, but sometimes you just have to laugh at the absurdity of the left.


Don't give them any ideas.

Doesn't that just sum up everything going on not just in the U.S., but globally as well? We have cultivated a society that is more concerned with affirming someone's feelings than it is what is true and real.

God help us.


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