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Washington Post is very concerned about misinformation, but it's as one-sided as you would expect

Townhall Media

Misinformation is a rampant problem in our politics and media these days, but it seems that the Left and the Democrats are not consistent in their concerns over this problem. Shocking, we know. From all appearances, it's only considered 'misinformation' when it comes from the Right. Never mind all the pesky fact-checking that has caught them with their metaphorical pants down in the past. We'll just memory-hole that the same way that they do LOL


Gosh, I wonder why those being censored would fight back against being censored? It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma. We just cannot fathom why this would be a massive problem, particularly for the media which is complicit in the censoring while actively promoting misleading propaganda that benefits the side that wants to censor their opponents. That's a real head-scratcher, y'all.

Heavy sarcasm aside, the state of our media genuinely is an absolute dumpster fire these days. But hey, it's good for us writers here at Twitchy!

We see RIGHT through this nonsense.


They're nothing if not tenacious.

They may already be in free-fall at this point, they just aren't bright enough to realize it.

The legacy media honestly has no one to blame but themselves. They really can't even blame Trump, they're just mad that he pointed it out. 'Trust in the media is at an all-time low', they wail. Well yeah, we wonder WHY, you absolute door knobs. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what happened here.

To be fair, his book was never meant to be used as an instruction manual, but that seems to be precisely what the Left is currently doing.


We've got our popcorn! Y'all go grab yours! People are starting to wake up to what the media and the Democrats are doing, and this drama is only getting started.


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