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Are state-run grocery stores next?

AP Photo/Michael Conroy

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) is heading towards a pilot program for state-run grocery stores, Zero Hedge reports. Retailers like Walmart, Aldi, and Walgreens are leaving Chicago, thanks to rising tax rates and upticks in crime. So what does the socialist do? Well, what they always do. Rather than addressing the issues that are causing the problems, they turn to ever more government! 


All Chicagoans deserve to live near convenient, affordable, healthy grocery options. We know access to grocery stores is already a challenge for many residents, especially on the South and West sides. A better, stronger, safer future is one where our youth and our communities have access to the tools and resources they need to thrive. My administration is committed to advancing innovative, whole-of-government approaches to address these inequities.

If history is any indicator, 'whole-of-government' approaches to inequities tend to always make those inequities worse, not better. We just have to wonder how shoplifters will be dealt with in government-run grocery stores...

Johnson is in for a crash course in basic economics LOL

There is a term for this: 'useful idiots'. That is a naive or gullible person who is propagandized for a cause without fully understanding the goals and being used and manipulated by leaders. Sound familiar?


We're pretty sure that's the entire goal here. If Daddy Government can control your access to food and other goods, Daddy Government can control YOU.

Just goes to show you that there is nothing new under the sun. When will the left ever learn?


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