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Actor Michael Douglas Goes on 'The View' and Joins the Joe Biden Chorus of Concern (WATCH)


Add Michael Douglas to the list of A list Hollywood types who think Joe Biden is not fit to be President.


It would take more than a bit of makeup to help Joe Biden and his performance issues.

Actor and longtime Democratic Party supporter Michael Douglas admitted Wednesday he is "deeply concerned" about whether President Biden can win re-election following his debate performance last month.

On ABC’s "The View," he was asked about calls from the media and some of his fellow Democrats for Biden to abandon his re-election campaign. Douglas seemed torn, describing Biden’s political career in glowing terms, but wondered if this year’s race is too "crucial" to risk on him losing to former President Trump.

"This just happens to be one of these elections that is just so crucial, and it’s really hard," Douglas said.


Apparently, not all Democrats agree with him.

They're lucky he found he found his podium and then stood up for two hours, honestly. 

That's a lot to ask of him, to be fair.

Unfortunately for Biden, voters on the Left care very much about what celebrities think. It's a problem for him.


There is not enough help in the world.

Biden is a joke, alright.

It's time to admit Biden is too far gone.

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