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Big Name Democrats Send Biden a Message to 'Don't Joe Away Mad ... Just Joe Away' and Make It Quick

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Obama bro and podcast host Jon Favreau let the cat out of the bag today. He verified he had major concerns about Joe Biden's health and stamina at the big Obama fundraiser a few weeks ago. Apparently, even his wife was concerned. Wow!


When you've lost two of Obama's closest advisors ...

I guess all that talk of the video being a 'cheap fake' was a big old fake out of the American people. Not very nice of the Democrats and their handlers.


They certainly lied about Biden's condition until they couldn't get away with it anymore. Why wouldn't they life about other things?

That's the horrific part. They aren't coming forward out of concern for our country. They had no choice because of Biden's horrible debate. They were forced to tell the truth.

Also, doesn't it seem as if Obama must agree Biden must go with his old staff saying these things? He has to be ready for it to be 'Joever'.


The world saw Obama have to lead him off stage. It was no cheap fake.

Well, to be fair, everyone on the right was saying lots of things. We were just called ghouls and liars.

In this case, the Emperor probably soiled his clothes, but his wife is forcing him to stay in those clothes and not drop out of the race.


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