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Big Money Donors Back Out of Planned Chicago Biden Fundraisers Ahead of DNC Convention

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The news for the Bidens is not good and getting worse by the minute. Now, big donors are backing out of planned fundraisers during the week of the Democratic National Convention.


When they start cancelling fundraisers at your own convention, things are looking really bad.

            Organizers for at least one Chicago fundraiser scheduled during the Democratic National Convention have decided to not to proceed with the mid-August event, a source with knowledge of the discussions told CNN.    


            In the immediate wake of President Joe Biden’s debate performance, organizers paused conversations on planning the fundraiser until after the July 4 holiday to allow the dust to settle. This week, the host committee decided not to proceed with the event, citing a disagreement over how to proceed given the continued erosion of support for Biden’s candidacy.    


            The event, designed as a lunch for a few dozen wealthy Windy City denizens, was expected to rally support among the party’s loyal and well-heeled locals in a show of support for the big event in their backyard.    


Apparently, they aren't very interested in raising money for Biden in their own backyard.

Or, maybe the party will get the hint that literally no one wants Joe Biden as President for four more years, even other Democrats.

After Biden's performance at the Obama fundraiser, apparently they weren't willing to take any more chances.


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