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New Jersey Democrat and Gun Grabber Calls for Nationwide Registry of EVERY Civilian Owned Gun


When they tell you who they are, believe them. Also, Joe Biden isn't the only Democrat saying bizarre things these days.


Unlike Joe Biden, this woman is allegedly healthy and still spouts off wild nonsense.

In all of the recent mass shootings making headlines, the guns were bought legally. What does a registry stop, exactly?

These same people are fine with abortion until the time of birth, though.


Isn't that the truth? Voters don't need identification and don't even have to be citizens, according to Democrats, yet they believe we all should register our guns. What a hoot!

In the eyes of Democrats, yes.

They protest too much!

That line should be on campaign signs everywhere: 'Registration is just step 1 in confiscation'. 


Also, they should not be allowed to pay for private security. If private citizens are not allowed to protect ourselves, they shouldn't be allowed to either.

Those people are way more dangerous than any gun owner, particularly to our freedom.


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